Rikkyo Educational Corporation

Founding Principles

Rikkyo Educational Corporation traces its origins back to the St. Paul’s School, a private school teaching Bible studies and English that was founded in the Tsukiji district of Tokyo in 1874 by Bishop Channing Moore Williams, a missionary who had been sent out to Japan by the Episcopal Church.

Right up until the present day, Rikkyo Educational Corporation has remained true to the ethos on which it was founded— Humanistic education based on Christianity —and provides an integrated education from elementary school through to university level.

A human-centric education which cultivates an ethos of freedom, in which one is always striving to look beyond external phenomena to discern the essence of things, and which values individuality…

This, in a nutshell, is the spirit of Rikkyo Educational Corporation, founded on Christian principles.


A loving education based on Christian faith, which cultivates children who are pleasing to God

The goal of Rikkyo Primary School is to cultivate children who are able to recognize the good in their friends, bring out the good in themselves, view things from a broad perspective, and be capable of feeling gratitude for every aspect of their lives.
For children of elementary school age, who are highly receptive to new phenomena, it is important that they are exposed to “real” things. Rikkyo Primary School provides a wide range of opportunities for children to experience different aspects of life, such as camping, nature experiences, drama performances, cultivating crops in the fields, etc.


Fostering each individual student’s capabilities, and laying the foundations for their future lives

Rikkyo Ikebukuro High School seeks to cultivate independent people with a clear idea as to how they should live their lives,
based on the foundation provided by human education based on Christianity.
With a wide range of elective classes and a curriculum that makes effective use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), the School provides many opportunities for students to learn to think for themselves, and to engage in in-depth learning. It offers an environment in which students can discover their own personality and develop their own interests, pursuing their own future in a thorough-going manner.


Cultivating people who possess a character that embodies both freedom and self-discipline, in an extensive school campus full of greenery

Rikkyo Niiza High School seeks to cultivate global leaders capable of living together harmoniously with people from all over the world.
With an extensive campus and sunny, well-ventilated school buildings, as well as sports facilities capable of hosting public sporting events, the School offers an environment in which students can immerse themselves in both academic and extracurricular activities.
Maintaining a relaxed school atmosphere, Rikkyo Niiza High School provides an education that helps students develop their own personalities and which values their autonomy.


Cultivating a new generation of global leaders that will direct society’s evolution in the future

Taking Rikkyo Educational Corporation’s unique approach, which combines a liberal arts education tradition dating back about 150 years with advanced leadership education, to an even higher level, Rikkyo University aims to be a creative, expansive university with the power to transform itself and to play a leading role in the internationalization of Japan’s university sector.
In line with the “RIKKYO VISION 2024,” the medium- to longterm development plan which enunciates where Rikkyo University sees itself as being by 2024 (the year which marks Rikkyo University 150th anniversary), the University is cultivating global leaders who will have a major impact on the world in the future.

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